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Ernst Tools Ernst Oil Filter Funnel Fits Harley Davidson,Touring,Dyna,Softail, and Sportsters 960

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  One Brand New Greg's Drip-Free Oil Filter Funnel   Part #: 960   


For all Harley Davidson™ Evo and TwinCam 1985 to current with forward spin on oil filter. Fits all Touring, Dyna, Softail, and Sportsters. 

LOOK – NO MESS.  Just imagine - Slide, punch, twist.  And with those three quick moves your oil is draining into our funnel instead of all over the rubber front engine mount of your Harley. With your motorcycle still leaning on its stand, slip in this Oil Filter Drain Funnel, punch a drain hole in the top of the filter, twist the filter 180 degrees - and then relax.  When empty, finish spinning the filter off. 

This unique design fits most new Harley Davidson models except for V-Rods.  It even fits forward control bikes or those with crankcase sensors. Included with the Funnel is a punch and tube for getting the oil past the fairings on some bikes. 

Take the hardest part of changing your oil out with Greg’s Drip Free Oil Filter Funnel and enjoy the ride.