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MLTOOLS Gardening Hatchet | Camping Axe | Splitting Axe | Universal Camping Hatchet

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Torque & Weatherproof Survival Axes and Hatchets

Looking For An Axe Or Hatchet With Superb Cutting Performance?

Chopping wood is hard work, and it’s even more difficult if your axe or hatchet isn’t up to snuff. If what you’re using is of poor quality, you might wear yourself out even before you get through half your pile of wood.

What you need is a powerful tool by your side to do the job quickly and efficiently — one that combines the strength of traditional wood splitters with the comfort and innovation of modern-day blades. For that, look no further than our ultra-strong and easy-to-use axes and hatchets!

These Hatchets and Axes by MLTOOLS have the cutting-edge features you've been looking for!

Wide Variety of Axes and Hatchets

Wide Variety of Axes and Hatchets

Choose from a selection of axes and hatchets to meet your specific cutting needs. You can get the camping hatchet to prepare firewood in the wild, the splitting axe for one-strike splits, or the garden hatchet which is perfect for work around your backyard.

Want to wield a more versatile tool? Then the universal hatchet is for you. Whichever you choose, you're bound to get an axe or hatchet built with premium materials.

Cut Better with High Carbon Steel

Cut Better with High Carbon Steel

The blade of each axe and hatchet is made of high carbon steel. This type of metal is ideal because it's highly durable and can better stand up to corrosion. Its super-sharp edges also allow for cleaner and deeper cuts.

On top of that, the non-detachable axe heads are over-molded onto the handles to help make sure that they stay in place despite the heavy force of your swings.

Nearly Indestructible Handles

Nearly Indestructible Handles

Thoughtfully built with hardwearing fiberglass handles, these axes and hatchets have a better chance of staying in good shape while exposed to the elements. That's because the material is made of tiny strands of glass that do not absorb water. Not only that, but they also have shock absorption properties that allow them to take on heavy abuse without getting easily damaged.


More Reasons To Have These Hatchets And Axes By MLTOOLS In Your Shed!

Non-Slip & Ergonomic

Travel-Ready Hatchets & Axes

Exceptional Gift Idea for Outdoorsmen


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