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MLTOOLS Tool Drawer Organizer Tray - 10-Compartment Home & Garage Tool Tray

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OT10 Tool Tray

Need Help Clearing Away Clutter In Your Garage?

Your garage is home to all sorts of hand tools, spare parts, and knick-knacks. Most of the time, all these objects end up piling up on top of each other, creating a huge mess in your work area.

Without organizing your stuff, you waste precious time rummaging through toolboxes or digging through piles of clutter just to find a specific item.

Keeping all your essentials properly segregated is actually an easy task. You just need the right storage solution to put an end to your garage organization woes.

Tray ONLY Tools/Parts NOT included.

The Home and Garage Organizer Tray by MLTOOLS gets all your tools and accessories in order.

Tidy Up Your Tools

Tidy Up Your Tools

Mindlessly dumping all your tools in a regular box is probably not the best way to get organized.

Our storage tray features 10 compartments, which have different sizes for accommodating a variety of your garage accessories.

The long compartments work great for storing wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, or tire gauges.

The smaller ones, on the other hand, are perfect for keeping drill bits, washers, nuts, and bolts.

A Must-Have For Your Workstation

A Must-Have For Your Workstation

Aside from organizing your hand tools, this storage organizer tray is also a practical piece that you can use for your DIY hobbies.

Its compartments are just the right size for keeping arts and crafts supplies such as scissors, rolls of tape, scrapbooking materials, stickers, adhesives, or coloring materials.

If you are into dressmaking, you may also use this tray for organizing your spools of thread, needles, pins, or buttons.

Home & Garage Tool Tray

A Storage Tray That Lasts

The problem with ordinary toolboxes or storage bins is that they may easily become brittle after just a few months of use.

Our home organizer tray is made of thick and durable plastic which stays in perfect shape even when exposed to moisture or when loaded with heavy hand tools.

And if it ever comes in contact with fuel or solvent, you can count on this storage tray to hold well and maintain its form.

Battery Orgainzer

Battery Storage Organizer

No more loose batteries wandering around. It can hold and divide different types of batteries into different compartments. Super tidy and convenient


More Reasons To Love Our Garage Organizer Tray:

Save Valuable Space

Cleans In No Time

A Practical Present

Save Valuable Space

Clearing away clutter can transform your work area in a jiffy. Measuring 16x11x1.5", our storage tray will easily fit inside shallow drawers, large toolboxes, or garage shelves. You may also stack these trays on top of each other if needed.

With this 10-compartment organizer, you get to enjoy quick and easy access to your garage essentials, office supplies, or scrapbooking materials.

Cleans In No Time

Keeping this storage container looking clean and new is as easy as can be.

Since it is made of plastic, you may readily wash this organizer tray with soap and water. Make sure to thoroughly dry its surfaces before placing back your essentials in the compartments. To keep your stored tools from rusting or corroding, we recommend placing this organizer tray in a dry and clean area.

A Practical Present

Know a friend or a loved one who loves tinkering with electronics or taking on scrapbooking projects?

Make a DIY enthusiast feel special by giving this plastic organizer tray as a present on birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or housewarmings.

This multi-purpose storage tray will also make an endearing gift for a tailor, hobbyist, mechanic, handyman, or teacher on any occasion.